just ‘too much’ for your taste buds

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The Tangy Tex-Mex or the cool continental – it’s just ‘too much’ for your taste buds.

Muchos, the vibrant and diverse gastronomic joint for the foodies of Bengal, presents cuisines of two continents –European and Mexican American (tex-mex) -- offering too much of a choice, too much twist for your taste buds and promises too much of hospitality in too much of a setting. With mouth-watering premium quality platters, Muchos is uncompromising to do justice to what it stands for – ‘too much’.

The Inspiration Behind

The idea was to amuse the people of Kolkata with authentic foreign delicacies from different continents and cater to the most diverse taste patterns. The striking similarities between Indian and Mexican or latin American people, their color and behavior and most importantly their food taste inspired us to choose the Mexican cuisine alongside continental dishes while conceiving Muchos – to bring the taste known yet unknown, similar yet distinctive, distant yet close to heart. Both the countries use some common ingredients like chilies, brought by the Portuguese from Mexico into Asia and tamarind, brought by the same traders into Mexico, and cumin which was introduced in Mexico by the Spanish. Both the countries also love cilantro too (and onions, and tomatoes) and both the cuisines are identified by the generous use of spices. We believe that the tangy, spicy and wet Mexican preparations will go very well with the Bengali palate.